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  • The factory was relocated to the urban area of Ningbo, the Zhongwu Wanwei Accelerator High-Tech Park, and the company's food production quality specifications were formulated with reference to the standards of pharmaceutical production enterprises. A new solid beverage and paste SC production line will be added.
  • Replacement of teabags, compressed candy, and convenience food production licenses. The new version is SC.
  • New convenience food (meal replacement powder) production license
  • Through the QS review, the production license for compressed candy and teabags was officially put into production.
  • Participate in Shanghai CPHI, FIC, API and other exhibitions. The company introduced Singapore and Japan investment and changed into a Sino-foreign joint venture. The Ningbo plant was completed, planning the construction of teabags and tableting candy factories, and purchasing related equipment.
  • Participate in the US SupplySide West 2013 exhibition. Through the new version of Chinese medicine decoction GMP certification. Prepare a health food GMP workshop.
  • Established an office in Japan. Participate in the SupplySide Marketplace 2012 exhibition in New York, USA. Participate in the US SupplySide West 2012 exhibition. To build a workshop for the production of tablets, capsules and granules in Ningbo.
  • 2010. Provided Chinese herbal extracts to the Japanese market through a Japanese customer inspection. Signed an agency agreement with a Russian customer and began preparing products and certification documents.
  • Zhejiang Anji Extraction Plant was completed and put into production. Chinese medicine granules were first exported to South Africa. The Chinese herbal compound extract enters the US market as a food supplement.
  • Develop the Vietnamese market. Large-scale cultivation of Chinese medicinal materials such as Codonopsis pilosula and Astragalus.
  • Participate in Vietnam HCMC International Medical & Pharmaceutical Expo
  • Participate in the Algerian exhibition to develop the North African market.
  • Through the inspection of a country in Africa, the company began to supply products. Concentrated single-flavor Chinese medicine granules enter the Hong Kong market.
  • Application for the establishment of Ningbo Dekang Biological Products Co., Ltd.
  • Signed an intent contract with a company in Africa to begin preparing products and certification documents.
  • Signed a contract with a US company to become a raw material supplier, and the herbal extracts produced began to enter the US market. Establish a Chinese medicine extraction plant and start to extract Chinese medicine by itself.
  • Production of Chinese herbal medicine extracts such as honeysuckle and scutellaria, against SARS. Imported frankincense, myrrh, aloe and other medicinal materials from Kenya, opened the sales channel of African real estate medicines in China.
  • Establish a website www.herbstars.com. Start planting Chinese herbal medicines such as Astragalus and Radix.
  • The HERBSTARS brand was founded.