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Cream (canned food)

The yoghurt (canned food) produced by Ningbo Dekang uses a variety of raw materials of the same medicine and food, scientifically proportioned, extracted and concentrated by the ancient production process, and produced and processed by modern filling and sterilizing equipment. The product has a long paste time and needs to be made into a thick paste by using a large amount of water, by soaking, repeatedly extracting, concentrating, and collecting the paste with honey. The post-filling and sealing uses a modern assembly line and uses a unique sterilization process to ensure that the product is commercially sterile. The yield of 1 kg of raw material after concentration is less than 10%, and no thickener is refused. The finished product has high consistency, sweet taste and easy to eat. It can be mixed with water and directly served, which is in line with the fast-paced life of modern people. The packaging of glass bottles, the quality of commercial aseptic products, is small, portable and safe to store, and is very popular among people.

Product Catalog

Can produce a variety of types, meet the personalized needs
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